Art Printed gift cards

Our Physical Gift Card is a thoughtful gift, a unique print of Turkish marbling made in our studio. Choose your design from our selection and then choose the gift card value. Free and express shipping on all orders.

Gift an Atolya Experience

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Gift your loved one a unique physical gift card with a captivating array of unique Turkish marbling art designs, each one capturing the essence of rich and earthy tones. Free shipping Australia wide. 

"Kızıllık," "Lalezar," and "Yeraltı" evoke the beauty of red hues, tulip gardens, and underground mysteries, respectively. "Zemheri" brings the cool elegance of winter frost, while "Kahvesi" and "Burgu" enchant with the warmth of coffee tones and burgundy sophistication. Embrace the dreamlike qualities of "Rüyavari" and the timeless allure of "Şarap" (Wine), or indulge in the deep richness of "Maron" and "Kırmızıya." Discover the exquisite melodies within "Melodi" and the subtle elegance of "Esmer" (Brunette). Explore the luxurious shades of "Vizon" (Mink), "Kanarya" (Canary), and the vibrancy of "Rengarenk." Enter a realm of artistic revival with "Rönesans," the delicate charm of "Zambak" (Lily), and the refined sophistication of "Merlot." Finally, immerse yourself in the grounded beauty of "Doğaçu," where each design tells a story of nature's timeless grace.

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Step 2

Now that you have selected your gift card design, select the value you wish to gift. If you would like the gift card shipped directly to the recipient please tick the box at the bottom of the product page and enter their details. Make sure to include their address on the checkout page.

An Atolya gift card can be redeemed when booking any of our experiences. Whether you choose our popular Turkish Mosaic Class, or delve into the art of watercolour, or explore the intricacies of ceramic crafting, you're sure to embark on a journey of creativity and skill development. Each experience promises a unique and enriching adventure, tailored to inspire and delight. Explore all of our classes below.