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At Atolya Studio, we understand the importance of fostering teamwork and strengthening bonds within your group. Our private team-building classes offer a unique and artistic twist to your team's growth.

Corporate Team-building: A Traditional and Artistic Twist

 At Atolya, we design unique corporate art experiences that meet your business objectives and inspire your team through a cultural and unique immersive experience. Our art classes go beyond the conventional, providing a unique and culturally enriching experience for your team. Unlike mainstream art offerings, our sessions are carefully curated to immerse participants in the rich tapestry of Turkish culture from crafting intricate Turkish mosaic candle holders to painting vibrant ceramic pieces, each activity is infused with traditional and cultural essence, offering a hands-on exploration of artistic and hand-crafted art.

At Atolya, our mission is to rediscover and celebrate traditional art forms with a unique blend of contemporary and traditional elements. Our Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class exemplifies this commitment, setting us apart from competitors in the most vibrant way. While others offer Turkish lamps limited to just 9 colours, we take pride in providing an extensive palette of over 150 custom-curated stained glass mosaic colours. This infusion of colour diversity allows our participants to unleash their creativity and personalise their creations in ways that go beyond the conventional. At Atolya, we believe in pushing boundaries, infusing tradition with innovation, and offering an artistic experience that transcends expectations. Join us in redefining the art class experience with our Turkish Mosaic Lamp Class – where tradition meets contemporary expression, and creativity knows no bounds.

The inclusion of complimentary Turkish afternoon tea and sweets not only adds a delightful touch but also allows your team to savour the flavours of Turkey. Our commitment to cultural authenticity ensures that your team-building event is not just about art; it's a journey into the heart of creativity, creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper appreciation for diverse artistic expressions. At Atolya, we pride ourselves on delivering a truly unique and culturally immersive experience that sets us apart from the mainstream art offerings.

Welcome to Atolya, where creativity meets collaboration in a vibrant and immersive setting. Elevate your corporate events with our unique team-building experiences, specially crafted for fostering creativity, strengthening team bonds, and leaving a lasting impression on your employees.

Our art classes provide an enjoyable and engaging experience, offering a blend of creativity and team-building.

At Atolya, we transform ordinary events into extraordinary memories. Join us at Atolya for an unforgettable blend of art, culture, and team bonding.

    Take your art home 

    All of our workshops are designed in a way where your team can their masterpiece home after the end of the session, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. 

    All-Inclusive Experience

    Our pricing is straightforward and designed to suit your preferences. Each package includes all materials and guidance required for the art class, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for your team.

    As a special bonus, all of our team-building events include adelightful touch of complimentary Turkish afternoon tea and an array of Turkish sweets, adding an extra layer of joy to your event.

    Venue and Booking Information

    Studio location: 61-71 William Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010. Our studio is located minutes from Museum and St James Stations. The nearest Wilson's Car Park is 50 metres away and offers $12 flat rates on weekends and weeknights. Just outside our studio, there is bike rack hoops.

    Capacity: Up to 40 participants (For larger parties, we have partnered with venues across Sydney to bring your event to life).

    Optional Venue Hosting: If you prefer, we can bring the art class to your venue for a more convenient experience. A call-out fee of $300 will apply.

    Contact our team to discuss your event

    For inquiries, booking information, or to discuss your specific requirements, please reach out to us at or call our friendly team on +61 434 520 699.

    Choose from our curated list of art classes

    Turkish Mosaic Candle Holder

    Your team will create a mosaic candle holder from our large selection of mosaics, which can be lit with a tea light candle. Complimentary Turkish afternoon tea included. 

    Price: $55 per person
    Minimum Participants: 16

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    Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp

    Your team will create their very own Turkish table lamp from our large selection of mosaics. Includes all lamp parts and the light-bulb. Complimentary Turkish afternoon tea included. 

    Price: $109 per person
    Minimum Participants: 8

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    Watercolour Paint & Sip

    Your team will paint their own watercolour artwork inspired by traditional floral motifs, Islamic geometry and Turkish Iznik patterns using our artist pre-drawn templates and high-quality pigments. Complimentary Turkish afternoon tea included. 

    Price: $55 per person
    Minimum Participants: 16


    Turkish Ceramic Paint & Sip

    Your team will delve into the enchanting world of 16th-century pottery and Ottoman Iznik patterns with our exquisite pre-drawn ceramics which they will paint using ceramic paints. 

    Price: $109 per person
    Minimum Participants: 8


    How it works

    Reserve a date

    Tell us what date you’d like to hold your event. Once we confirm availability, you can officially book with a refundable deposit.

    customise your event

    Choose your activity type from our selection of traditional art classes. Not sure? We’ll help you find the best option. Speak with our friendly team to discuss your event needs.

    Arrive & have fun

    Once everything has been confirmed, we'll send you a final invoice. Attendee numbers can always be increased later. Invite your team members and let to your inner creativity shine!

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